A Mega Man bedroom, plus cats and cameras make a C-themed shelf

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On Mondays, we like to ease into the week with photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr group. Some of them are decor porn and others are just interesting things y’all are up to at home. I hope it makes your Monday a little nicer!



summer house studio This Tabletop is Child's Play Minifig Collection (1 of 1).jpg Behold: The Minister's Treehouse

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Comments on A Mega Man bedroom, plus cats and cameras make a C-themed shelf

  1. That treehouse looks unstable yet AWESOME.

    I really love how you’ve started including the Clicky Links with Monday Montages, especially the links to the other Offbeat Empire sites. Not having kids, I rarely look at OBMama, but every now and then there’s an article on there I find interesting, like the party hats!

  2. Some of the kindergartners in the class I subbed in today were HELLLLLLLA impressed with the treehouse! Thanks for posting it!

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