Scandalize your cat by using a fireplace as a headboard

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If you have a fireplace you don’t use or happen to salvage a fireplace mantle, you can totally re-purpose it as a headboard! Flickr user Jennifer is utilizing the awesome molding (and perfect width) of her salvaged fireplace as a headboard for her charming-as-hell bed. She was able to snag it from a carpenter friend from a home that was being demolished. Total score. Plus, a mantle equals extra shelving for books and knick-knackery.

Another lesson here is to watch where you undress, because your cat might be positively SCANDALIZED.

Comments on Scandalize your cat by using a fireplace as a headboard

  1. Scandalized cat is SCANDALIZED! This is a great idea. This could be great for loft apartments where it’s all just one open space. Suddenly the rules of where couches and beds go no longer applies.

    • cat expressions are awesome. After running an ad to sell a carpet on an auction site, I had more comments about my possessed cat than the fabulous rug he was standing on.

  2. I had a fireplace mantle as a headboard once! Looked super cool til I realized the marble mantle shelf was pretty loose. Crushed skulls while sleeping don’t appeal to me, so we moved the bed the next day!

  3. Three years ago, when my cat first adopted me, I really was uncomfortable undressing in front of him. I had never had a pet before, and I would kick him out of the room, or I’d go into the closet to undress.
    After a couple weeks, it occurred to me that he walks around naked every day, even when the windows are open, or we have company, or whatever!
    It’s not really related to the topic, but I thought it might make you guys laugh, so you’re welcome.
    Also, that may be the best photo I’ve ever seen.

  4. Can I just add that people really need to be careful about lead poisoning when using super old stuff and be sure to have it tested? Last thing you want to be snuggling all night is lead paint….

    • There’s more lead and formaldehyde in newer building materials than there is in old painted stuff. I had to detox my brand new house due to migraine issues, after we moved in I was sick constantly. Chemicals were in the carpet padding (imported from China!) and lead in the drywall. Just be sure when reusing old things that you refinish it first. You can recreate the old look when you redo it. Use as many “domestic” products as possible.

  5. I’ve seen this done in a few Britcoms where the head of the bed is set right up against a disused fireplace. I’ve always liked the look.

  6. Looks awesome, but if it is actually a dis-used fireplace (not a re-purposed mantle) I’d be worried about drafts.
    It could get mighty chilly with the head of your bed in front of a chimney.

  7. This IS an awesome idea. My boyfriend lived in a shared Victorian Terrace with big rooms, and we had the bed almost tucked into the fireplace. In summer the cool draft from the window and up the chimney was a blessing. In winter a sheet of painted ply covered the gap.

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