The parent stays in the photo: part two

October 16 2012 | offbeatbride
my favorite motherhood moment
Photo by Ali Deck.

Yesterday we ran part one of photos featuring you guys and your parents. Since there were so many in the Flickr Pool we figured it made sense to split the posts into two. Without further ado, here's part two!

Photo by Stefanie.

Check it! It's the family behind George's super hip bedroom.

Biking duo :)
Photo by S.

Bike riding fuuuuuuun!

Photo by lubotti77.

Totally in love with this perspective and that baby's FACE.

Photo by aarioux.

Both the faces in this photo are priceless: baby is totally all, "Do you know what we're even doing right now?!"

blueberry picking
Photo by boggs561.

AWW baby-Mama love!

Photo by Mindee_Sue.

I can't be the only one who audibly AWWed at this, right? Right.

Photo by drgnsyr.

STOP IT SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN. I am such a sucker for hooded animal towels!

Photo by Crystal.


Image 6
Photo by Ceri.

Look how happy Ceri is to hold her newborn! GAAAHHH.

Photo by monicall.

These kinds of photos never fail to make me smile. Love those sleeping babies.

Photo by ktkapow.

…and more sleeping baby action, JUST BECAUSE.

Photo by Julie.

Julie's original caption: "SAND ON MY HANDS!"

Photo by singingcynic.

OMG, joy+happiness+love+sunflowers+sunshine = this. So much bliss!

Photo by kate.

I think there's a distinct possibility that Kate made both of these hats — Mama-baby knit hat matching? YES.

Photo by Colleen Mathis Photography.

Totally love the amazing hair happening on this little lady!

Aoife and I at the park July 2012
Photo by Fingers to Toes Photography.


Photo by pleasant_street.

Baby cheeeeeeks!

Photo by mama.hawk.

Completely precious.

andrea and clover wes
Photo by wilsonisadog.

YES to the clover crown!

Just because these posts are finished doesn't mean you can't keep adding your photos — we want to see 'em! It's so fun to see readers AND their kids. Send them to us!

    • I'm considering bringing back the Monday Mama Montages — quite a few people have mentioned them in the comments for these two posts. We stopped doing them in favor of the AM Adorbz.. but a rebirth might be in order!

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  1. When you take a photo of your kid, you see so much love.
    When you take a photo with your kid, the world gets to see it too.
    That's why these posts are so beautiful.

    3 agree
  2. While I'm a knitter who usually covers my poor daughter in all the stuff I've made those two particular hats were made by our dear friend Bethany. The original article made me WAY more aware of how few pictures I'm in with my daughter. I'm actively working to fix that. Ever since I saved up and bought my first camera as a teen I've been the one behind the camera.

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