In this week’s Eye Candy: a boyfriend, partner, and fiance who rock at child-raising

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It’s time for a lil’ bit of Eye Candy! This week is heavy on the dudes, but also heavy on the looooove:

This is my absolutely amazing boyfriend D with my lil Squirt at the petting zoo. Squirt’s dad isn’t around much at all so it means so much to me that D is such an amazing role model for him. — Katie

This is my fiance G and his “niece.” Biologically they are cousins so that is a bit offbeat on its own. He is the definition of a man’s man but melts when his little girl comes around. He watches her two days a week so his aunt can work part-time. This picture was taken while they were watching the little one’s older brother ride his horse in a competition. She had just bonked her head and he was making her “fly” to cheer her back up. He’s very good at being an offbeat uncle and has even worked having the baby into his work out routine (baby curls FTW!) — Jess

Stephen is amazing for raising our child as a freethinker in a gentle, adoring environment. Plus…he is SO hot! — Arianna

Reminder: we want to see ALL of y’all — parents, aunties, uncles, caregivers, grand-parents, and so on! You can send everything in through the site.

Comments on In this week’s Eye Candy: a boyfriend, partner, and fiance who rock at child-raising

  1. I LOVE this feature! Sadly I’ve no children in my life currently, but you better bet that when I do, it’s getting submitted to the site!

  2. Yay for partners and some offbeat rad dudes. Next time, it’d be great to see some non-bio offbeat parent partners (queer) in the mix. As always, glad for all things offbeat.

  3. I especially love the one with the uncle and his niece. We’re infertile so no kids of our own, but we often babysit for my niece and my husband is amazing with her and she just loves him. My husband has a pretty great sense of humor and it’s totally rubbing off on her! So cute to listen to them banter back and forth!

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