Zombiepocalypse Easter basket full of prepping supplies (and candy!)

Guest post by Katrina

Do you know how fun it is to prepare for the end of the world, zombie-style? It’s my new favorite hobby! The best part is I never run out of gift ideas anymore (my husband is one of those impossible-to-buy-for guys). I’ll use any holiday as an excuse to add to our collection.

It seems like everybody is preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, and my husband is no exception. When he started making his “survival kit” last year, I made fun of him for days! As his pack of supplies steadily grew, I stopped busting his ass and started offering suggestions. Even the kids are into it!

So, I decided to put together a fun Easter basket for my zombie-loving husband. A lot of the geeky tools came from ThinkGeek.com.

This Easter basket has a mixture. It has plenty of novelty items, such as the zombie snacks, but also plenty of useful items, such as the Pocket Chainsaw, water packets with a five-year shelf life, and a SurvivalStraps Survival Bracelet. I used a silver survival blanket for the “grass,” and added a chocolate zombie bunny to make it more Easter-ish.

Brainstorm: A zombiepocalypse basket would also be good for…

Comments on Zombiepocalypse Easter basket full of prepping supplies (and candy!)

    • If you’ve got prepping junk to contribute, I’d also LOVE more! We are preppers, but I just haven’t had a ton to say on the matter. Other than, “Prep!”

  1. Ugh I wish I had more time so I could do this. We call it Zombie Jesus day instead of Easter (sorry to the religious, but he rose from the grave!! Zombie! The original!) so this would have been perfect for my fiancé!!

  2. Awesome idea, my significant other just got into the whole survivalist thing and he’d LOVE an Easter basket like this! I’ll probably throw in “The Prepper’s Pocket Guide” and the movie “Zombieland” just for fun 🙂

    More prepping posts would be great!

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