Great idea of the day: Back-to-school preparedness kit

August 13 2012 | meggyfin

It's time to go back to school whether you scholarly folk like it or not. Do you know someone who's in the "like it not" category? I like Think Geek's idea of putting together a back-to-school gift bag full of sometimes useful/sometimes silly products to ease the pain of the first school bell.

You can always put together your own back-to-school preparedness kit, or you can just order one from Think Geek. Either way, you could take some inspiration from what they included in theirs:

What are you going to put in YOUR back-to-school preparedness kit?

  1. This post is making me miss school! I haven't gone "back to school" in a long time, but I remember I was NEVER without my iPod. So that would be in MY back to school preparedness kit for sure.

  2. my fiance is starting college this fall. he's nervous about being a 25 year old freshman but i'm so proud of him for being brave enough to try a new path. i just finished grad school, so i'm giving him my old planner and filling it with special notes throughout the year, a few cheat sheets, and a mix cd.

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  3. I am so excited about back to school. I am a first year teacher, so I'm overflowing with anxiety and excitement. I am on the cusp of beginning the career I've dreamed about my entire life. ­čśÇ

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  4. I dont go to school either so I buy those things for my desk at work mmmmmmmmmm stationary. But wtf is that monkey thing?

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