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Don’t store camping gear over the winter — repurpose it all year long!

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer is winding down. You may be getting ready for the depressing ritual of packing up the patio furniture, summer clothes, and camping gear for the winter. If only there was a way to elongate the season of outdoor fun! Or at least have less stuff to put away.

Before you pack up your camping gear, take a look at this list of gear you can use all year round. Maybe some of it can be used in ways you hadn’t thought of — and can bring little reminders of summer every time you use them.

Smoke alarms and first aid kits that make safety cute and magical

YOU GUYS I found this amazing smoke detector! It’s totally real. It is a chickadee that sings when it detects smoke. Oh my. And look what else I found in the category of safety products!

I called 911 — and here’s what I learned

I’ve never had to call emergency services before, but when smoke started rolling into our apartment through the vents, I popped my 911 cherry. Everything turned out okay, but I’m so glad I got the chance to learn these important lessons.

A lime-green living room, a chalkboard-curtain, and how to clean up under the sink

Hello, Homies, and happy Monday! This is the Monday Montage, when we revel in photos and waste time clicking through the internet. In the Clicky Links: the secret of mass-farmed tomatoes, and 30 variations on a coffee cup.

An essential first aid kit for accidental parties

You’ll know you need a first aid kit when you see what Arlette’s got in hers.