Turn socks into snakes to keep the cold out

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Turn these simple ingredients into a draft-stopper for any door in your home.
Turn these simple ingredients into a draft-stopper for any door in your home.

You’ve got those fuzzy socks that don’t fit quite right, an old pillow and some popcorn kernels. You’ve also got a bit of a draft escaping at your doorway. What would MacGyver do? Whip up a door snake!


When I moved in I noticed a wicked draft coming in under the door to the outside. I shudder to think how much money has gone out the window (or under the door) from that one drafty door!

But no more! I now I have a weapon in my fight against high energy bills and cold feet! Meet my draft dodger! (Also known as a door sock, door snake, draft stopper, draft blocker, door draft guard… you get the idea… IT STOPS DRAFTS!)

This DIY door sock is actually MADE from socks and I’m going to show you how you can easily make one yourself!

Follow the cool breeze over to One Good Thing by Jillee to find out how she did it.

Then report back, Homies! Share your sock snakes in the Offbeat Home & Life Flickr pool!

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  1. +1 for cats – I would really like to make another one of these and appreciate the tutorial, but my cat sees draft stoppers as a personal challenge/prey.

    Does anyone else with a playful cat have a success story?

    • You can make a double-sided one and sew them together. A few peices of fabric will keep the two sides up against each side of the door, so that kitteh can’t pull it away from the door. Instead of socks, you can use canvas. Not as easy as using old socks you already have, but much more pet-proof!

  2. I have the same opinion about this innovative idea. The draft stoppers will helps from the unwanted external entries. I would like to say that this is really an innovative idea. Keep sharing more about the same in the upcoming posts.

  3. I used a window stopper for some time in a former flat, and they work great for keeping the room warm and cozy.

    As for the stuffing, you can actually use this project to finally repurpose those old, orphaned socks you’ve been keeping for too long without knowing how to upcycle them: keep the cute ones for the outside and stuff them with worn, holed, black-turned-grey socks.

    As for the cat hair problem mentioned in previous comments, you can get around this by sewing a zipper. It’s somehow a tad harder to make, but it make the whole thing a lot easier to wash, since you can then remove the stuffing and simply toss it in the washer.

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