Skull door knobs: creepy or the best thing ever?

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I am floored and excited to share with you these amazing skull door knobs. I can’t tell if I would LOVE to encounter these in a home, or if it would freak my shit out to have these guys sneak up on me.

You know what else is EXTRA crazy about these knobs?

These include an LED Crystal Touch Backlight, which means these puppies light up when you touch them. Which means that’s an added bonus of extra shock factor, PLUS at night it’ll provide just enough light to see where you are going without having to switch on a light!

What do you think? Would these freak you out in a good way or a bad way? (By the way, you can check out more info on these knobs, including the various prices and some good customer feedback, over on Amazon.)

Comments on Skull door knobs: creepy or the best thing ever?

  1. Modify this so that the nose can be twisted and pushed to make the door actually lock, and it would be totally and completely made of win.

    I’d also vote for a china-cabinet-knob-sized version.

  2. Does the knob on the other side of the door light up when you touch it? I would totally scare the crap out of my husband and/or cats with that!!

  3. These are awesome, and don’t even register on my creep-dar after seeing baby’s head rock climbing holds at our local climbing gym. They didn’t come up for me, because the climb is out way out of my skill level, but my husband said they add a crazy level of extra mental challenge to a pretty difficult physical challenge. They’re high up, and from the ground they look like solid and good holds to grasp… until you go to grab them and realize what they are. Freaky.

    Anyway, I feel like after observing that I could easily handle opening a door with a skull doorknob. So… best thing ever, for sure.

  4. They don’t really appeal to me, but I think they could really appreciate them in the right kitsched out pad or as a seasonal touch for someone that goes all out for Halloween. Creepy, though? Not at all.

  5. Totally love! We have crystal door knobs all over our apartment now and I just adore it, and I’ve always been a big fan of skeletons so a skull version of our current handles would be extra sweet 🙂

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