Monday Moment: punk rock walls surround this makeshift dining room

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My moment: My dining room. Best place in the house. There may only be 4 chairs, but that doesn't limit the guests.Thanks to Tina for uploading her favorite moment in her home — her dining room. She explains:

Best place in the house. As you can see, we don’t have an official dining room but we certainly made it its own space. There may only be four chairs, but that doesn’t limit the guests.

We DIY’ed the table and chairs. Before this, there were photos of tattoos taken from tattoo magazines fixed to the tabletop. The table was then painted with a blue and white chevron pattern then squared out with orange paint. My five-year-old asked if we painted Hot Wheels tracks on the table. We didn’t, but we told him we did to make his day. 🙂 The chairs are now in a blue floral print and vinyl. The vinyl because we have kids. Practical and fun.

Yes, that table and vinyl chairs are amazeballs, but it’s what’s on the walls around ’em that really make this moment kick ass and take names. I love the amazing art on the wall with the stairs — skulls and roses and what looks like a skate or snowboard broken in half and turned into art! Love it.

And on her gallery wall over the table is this:

My moment: My dining room.

Lefty scissors purchased from Etsy seller goodbuyannies (old school!) because me, my boyfriend, and our five-year-old are all left-handed. Kids’ school photos. Photo of my boyfriend’s parents when they were married (featured on Offbeat Bride). Artwork in the corner by our friend Evan. Chunk of skateboard made into a necklace featuring a sticker of Innes (brand made by lead singer of Flogging Molly), necklace made by TakeTwo Skate Shop on Etsy. Signed photo of MxPx. And a piece of word art about love.

Do you have moment that you’re particularly proud of, that you’d love to show off? Forgawdsake, add it to our Flickr pool, @ reply Offbeat Home on Pinterest, or send me an old fashioned email. And make sure to tell us all the details about your favorite moment so that it can be a part of our ongoing series of Monday Moments!

Comments on Monday Moment: punk rock walls surround this makeshift dining room

  1. The board on the wall is a broken skateboard. Reuse and repurpose FTW!

    The huge painting of the skateboard/skulls/roses was done by my boyfriend. He has a tattoo on his calf that is very similar to this design.

    Thanks for featuring me!!

  2. We own a surf/skate/music shop and I SO want to bring home a few blank decks to artz-ify. One of my favorite pieces in my office is a Habitat deck that I special ordered for myself because it has a Boston terrier on it. Yay puppy obsession! I love deck art because it adds texture and depth to an otherwise flat picture wall.

  3. This is cool, the tabletop is strangely amazing.

    Completely unrelated- when did all these design-ey sites/people start referring to everything as a ‘moment’? This is harsh but does this make anyone else gag a little bit? Maybe I just need to get more in touch with my emotional self regarding interior design. *sulks away to soul search in a corner of the apartment that others might call a ‘moment’*

    • Ouch! I actually didn’t know that “moments” were a general term. As described in the first Monday Moment post, the term “moment” was something my mother and I have been using with each other for years when we got excited about a small design element. I just thought I’d share that term with the Homies and use it as an excuse to share more happy design elements. Didn’t mean to make ya gag. 😉

    • I didn’t think it was a general term either, I haven’t seen it anywhere else. And while it doesn’t make me gag, I must admit it did sit oddly with me the first few time’s I read the articles, cuz being an Aussie, to me, if someone’s “having a moment” they’re either being overly mushy, or they’ve forgotten what they’re doing…. I’ve gotten used to it now though.

      I do remember thinking there was another word that people use to decribe this sort of thing, but I’ve forgotten what it is, if I think of it, I’ll post back….

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this! My boyfriend and I just moved and are completely starting over. We spent the last few years in the throws of addiction and didn’t give a shiite about anything else. When we moved it was something of an unofficial eviction and spent a week homeless before we found the place we’re in now so we had to get rid of a lot, pretty much all of our furniture. At first it really hurt but now I see it as a cleansing, truly letting go of the past a starting a completely new life. But I digress. The reason I share that is because one thing we’ve accquired since the move is a lovely kitchen table. I like it but it’s kind of plain. When I saw this inspiration struck. Now I can’t wait to get the supplies and get started! I’ve turned to this site for inspiration and ideas for making a not-so-ideal spot into something I am proud of – you haven’t disappointed yet! Sorry for the long post, I get carried away sometimes with writing. Can’t wait to make some progress with my place so I can share some photos! Have a beautiful day everyone 🙂

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