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Three words: lenticular puppy placemats

So there I was. Trying to enjoy a glass of wine and some pre-dinner bread at a friend’s house. But the puppy. The lenticular puppy. It wouldn’t stop staring at me. DAMN YOU, LENTICULAR PUPPY PLACEMAT.

Draw on your tablecloth again and again

More like BRILLIANT idea of the day! The reusable doodle-able washable table cloth. Fun for dinner parties, kiddos, and, most importantly: FUN TIMES FOR TABLE TOP GAMING.

A photo guide on reupholstering metal-framed chairs

I redid our uggo old taupe dining room chairs, and found it surprisingly easy. It only took a few materials, and using new padding, a staple gun, and jersey knit fabric, I have totally like-new chairs!

What do we do with our pesky formal dining room we aren’t going to dine in?

We love the quirks about this home but are having trouble setting up a transitional space between the living room area and the kitchen.

It’s supposed to be a formal dining room but meh. We want to turn it into a sitting room/extra living space but aren’t sure how. We have an extra love seat in there so far and it just kind of looks awkward, like it needs something else.

How do we turn our pesky formal dining room into a bonus hangout space?

Feast your eyes: vintage wallpaper inspiration in the kitchen

A collection of vintage wallpapers: some are loud and overpowering, others are just the right amount of zing. In pinks, reds, yellows, and one really powerful red, black, and white pattern.