Monday Moment: Minimalist, electric blue, Buddhist dining space

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Okay, so I’m cheating on this moment because this wasn’t submitted to us by any means. (*Ahem ahem* Get to submitting!) I found this on a real estate listing and was blown away by what a great little moment this was.

Let’s break it down…

LOVE the all-white feel to this space — the white walls, the white kitchen table, and the clear acrylic chairs. (Omg, I want these chairs.) The white china on the table. Even the floors are super light. But all-white can get boring unless you add a pop of color.

That’s where the injection of electric blue and yellow comes in to play! The blue carpet matches the blue in the wall art (brilliant!) and the yellow Buddha head that accents the yellow in the artwork is just blowing my mind.

This gives me so much inspiration for my future (currently imaginary) dining space.

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  1. Blue and yellow. My most favourite happy sunny colour combo! I’m remembering: an old bathroom, blue tiles and yellow rubber duckies.

  2. I love the color combo but oh my gosh the buddha isn’t centered on the table and that bothers me!

  3. The chairs in the photo look like my Tobias chairs from Ikea, which were definitely not $1,400!

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