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How to get your hands on some crocheted Christmas balls

How cool are these crocheted Christmas balls!? They were made and uploaded to our Flickr pool by Homie KissKus. Do you want to know how you can DIY, or get your hands on these cool crocheted ornaments? Check it out…

The crocheted window treatment of your rainbow daydreams

I mean… the kitchen design alone is cause to squee. But then you throw in that amazing crocheted window treatment, and you have a rainbow-y halo-y light-streaming day dream! Except it’s real. And, assuming you had the crotchet-ing skills, you could probably make one just like it.

6 cozy, chunky knit home decor items you can DIY (with free patterns!)

If you’ve taken a stroll through any trendy home goods store lately you may have noticed that big chunky knits (and crochet!) are having a moment. For those of us who like to knit or crochet for fun this is great news, since chunky yarns knit up really fast and there are hundreds of yarns and colors to choose from. Here are six free patterns for chunky knit home goods…

Create colorful vases with crocheted Mason jar cozies

Who does love a shelf full of colorful jar awesomeness!? Got a lot of Mason jars and a lot of yarn? Wanna make these yourself? I don’t blame you. Here are a couple of YouTube tutorials to get you started…

Keep your tea cup or mug warm and cozy with a crocheted sweater

If you are one of our many crochet-crazy Homies, you could make on of these for your tea cups or mugs, and hopefully it’ll help to keep your beverages warm on these chilly winter days.

6 tips for choosing gifts for your special unicorns

How do you shop for all the special unicorns in your life? If your person’s hit parade of awesome isn’t on the typical “Gifts for…” lists, here are some tips for building your own. Remember: when you’re giving, whatever and to whomever, it’s the thought that counts! To help you think it out, we’ve got lots of clicky link love — for ideas and inspiration — and examples of these tips in practice.

A collection of Doctor Who yarn projects that are cooler than bow ties (which are really cool)

These TARDIS socks are one of only many, many incredible Dr. Who-themed knitting projects featured on Trainknitting. You’ll need an account at Ravelry to access some of the patterns, but signing up is free. Here are a few stand-outs (and y’all, there is TOTALLY an Ood ski mask somewhere in here).

Creepy, cuddly, Halloween-y crochet projects

I’ve noticed a few Halloween-y crochet projects that have been uploaded to our Flickr pool recently. We have a modified nerd reference bat, a tiny winged Purple People Eater, and a super easy and spooky spidery crochet ornament.