Creepy, cuddly, Halloween-y crochet projects

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tinybatI’ve noticed a few Halloween-y crochet projects that have been uploaded to our Flickr pool recently. Thanks to Offbeat Homie Dull-roar for showing us her creepy cuddly crocheted version of Penny Arcade’s Tiny Bat to our Flickr pool! Dull-roar explained, “I used a pattern from FreshStitches called Igor the Tiny Bat and made some mods.”

If you want to learn the few tweaks it takes to turn Igor the Bat into your own Tiny Bat, head over here.

If you want to see more Halloween-friendly crochet projects, keep peeping…

Purple people eater!
Speaking of peeping, here’s Morgwnmakespeace‘s tiny crocheted Purple People Eater. I asked her to tell me more about this cuddly monster and she explained:

I LOVE purple people eaters so I was brushing up on my amigurumi a couple of weeks ago and thought I should get into the Halloween spirit by making one. I didn’t follow a pattern, he’s just all yarn and felt. And his name is Sheb.

Halloween craft of the day (:
And another Halloween craft from Morgwnmakespeace — This one looks simple enough and super spooky, just black ribbon + embroidery hoop + lace doiley + cheap plastic ring spider!

So, do YOU guys have crocheted Halloween goodness that you’re holding back from us? Leave links or photos or ideas in the comments.

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