The crocheted window treatment of your rainbow daydreams

Thanks to Morgensonne for uploading these photos to our Flickr pool!

I mean… the kitchen design alone is cause to squee. But then you throw in that amazing crocheted window treatment, and you have a rainbow-y halo-y light-streaming day-dream! Except it's real. And, assuming you had the crochet-ing skills, you could probably make one just like it.

Let's see some more photos…


H i p p i i i e e !!!!!

I mean, just look how cool that this treatment includes the valance…

ins Licht

Want a close-up of the disc crochet pattern? You got it…

in progress

A rainbow crochet window treatment in the kitchen. Who knew that would be so awesome? Well, we ALL do now.

  1. WHERE DID THOSE FANTASTIC CABINETS COME FROM? I must know! I especially love the upper ones.

  2. Wow, this makes me want to learn how to crochet. But I'm so lazy…how about I make friends with somebody who knows how to crochet instead?

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