A collection of Doctor Who yarn projects that are cooler than bow ties (which are really cool)

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TARDIS socks!

I can’t knit (like at ALL), but it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good pair of hand-made socks… especially when they look like a TARDIS! I mean, look at the craftmanship on those — the doors! The letters! Either I’m too easily impressed, or this person is a knitting extraordinaire.

These socks are one of only many, many incredible Dr. Who-themed knitting projects featured on Trainknitting. You’ll need an account at Ravelry to access some of the patterns, but signing up is free. Here are a few stand-outs (and y’all, there is TOTALLY an Ood ski mask somewhere in here):

Xian's Dr. Who Scarf
Xian’s Dr. Who Scarf: I also appreciate the attempt to full-on look like Tom Baker. Four stars for effort, dude!


Next stop: everywhere sweater: Rory, Amy, Doctor and River: the most badass foursome since TMNT.

10th Doctor and Rose: Aww and! The Doctor and Rose can snuggle, too.

TARDIS Kindle case: Just in case your Kindle gets lonely and cold.

River Song: River is easily my favorite Dr. Who character. I’m starting to think I need a little knitted Whovian family of my own!


Dalek baby jumper: BABY DALEK I CAN’T EVEN.

Ood ski mask: Ok, so. I love the Ood, but this mask straight-up freaked me out when I saw it. Think about it: if someone was walking down the street wearing it, what would you do? Exactly.

Have you guys created any knitted projects you want to show off — Dr. Who inspired or otherwise? Leave links to photos and tutorials in the comments and we’ll all ooh and aww over your awesomeness!

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  1. The title says “knit projects,” but a good half of those projects are crocheted, not knit. 🙂

    That said, OH MY GOD BABY DALEK

  2. Love the baby Dalek! Adorbs.

    Also, the Ood mask thing is beyond awesome. Kinda curious as to what stitch the artist used for the tentacles. XD

    • I think if you crochet a long row of chains, and half double crochet in each chain, for a couple of rows, you’ll end up with too much material for the chain (if that makes any kind of sense), so it’ll curl up.

      • I don’t understand half of what you just said but I love that you know what you’re doing.
        My knitting/crocheting skill level: -2

    • It’s a crochet stitch, where you make a chain, then work across the chain, making 3 double crochet in each stitch, and it will automatically curl. You can see the method here in this video:

  3. My husband wants me to make him a Fourth Doctor scarf. I asked if he would wear it. “No,” he replied, “but it was be cool to have.” We’ll see. That’s a lot of work for something that’ll just sit in the closet.

    However: my friend knit a dalek washcloth: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/exfoliate-dalek-cloth Exfoliate!

    Also, the TARDIS socks were already on my favorites list on Ravelry. One day…

    • So I showed this post to my husband. He reiterated his wish for a scarf and pointed out that he wears scarves now that we live in snowy upstate New York and have a dog who requires long daily walks. Too late for such an epic project before Christmas, but I’ll have plenty of time to finish it before his birthday in August.

      Maybe I’ll whip up one of those daleks for Christmas. Now – how to knit it without him finding out?

    • I LOVE the dalek washcloth! It is so joyful with all its bobbles. I also found a few tardis dishcloth patterns on ravelry, but never liked the result as much as the dalek one.

    • I made multiple washclothes and then alternated them with various different 8 inch plain squares to make a patchwork blanket for my little brother I added a border to finish and he absolutely loves it

  4. I knit the scarf for my brother-in-law, but made it about half the actual length so that he would wear it, and he does!

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