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The 25 most adorable cosplayers at Comic-Con

EEEEP! I am loving this round-up of 25 adorable cosplayers at Comic-Con — it’s the perfect antidote for those of us nursing our “I can’t go to Comic-Con” blues. How can you feel sad when such a cute version of Iron Man exists?! Here are a few more of my faves!

Raaaaaawr: it’s a stomping good collection of dinosaur-themed fun

Let’s talk about DINOSAURS! It’s been nearly a year since the beloved but extinct relation of birds was mentioned on Families, so it’s probably time. If your house is anything like mine and there’s a toddler or preschooler running around, the odds are likely fairly high that you’re already spending your fair share of time mulling over this creatures with your kids ANYWAY. Here are a few awesome dino-themed products I found that will interest the young and not-as-young alike.

Inside the recycled prom dress-turned-TARDIS

You may have seen this TARDIS dress that has gone viral, but did you know it was the brainchild of Offbeat BrideturnedHomie, Jax!? Here’s the story behind the amazing TARDIS dress that is actually “bigger on the inside.”

RAWR: Etsy delivers handmade lion-themed cuteness for that little kid you know

How absolutely ADORBZ is this lion hat and diaper cover set made by Offbeat Families Flickr pool member HiLL.jO?! SO cute I had to cruise Etsy to see what other lion-themed preciousness is available, and naturally that’s a veritable treasure trove of diaper covers, birthday cakes, nursery designs, and so. many. outfits that are waiting for you to “AWWW” all over them.

Halloween costumes for kids who use wheelchairs

Carter has Spina bifida, so his dad built him this outfit so he could roll around on Halloween with the rest of the kids.

Converting your wedding dress into a Halloween costume

My wedding was back in January and I purchased an Ouma dress for my reception and am now trying to turn it into a Halloween costume. Any ideas on fun ways to convert your wedding dress into a costume?

The family that Star Wars costumes together stays together

I have two boys who are very particular about costumes — it is pointless for me to even offer suggestions. It is just not a battle worth fighting for me. A few years ago they decided they wanted to be Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. I’m not the biggest fan of dressing up, but we found ourselves invited to a costume party at which EVERYONE was supposed to wear costumes — kids and adults. I relinquished control and let the boys decide what the rest of the family should be… and of course they chose Star Wars characters.

Calling all aspiring flappers, Marios, and baby dragons: let’s talk about what your family is going to be for Halloween

Who wants to do some Halloween window shopping?! Even if you already think you know what your various family members are going as this year (please tell me SOMEONE has a family that’s all going as Harry Potter characters), you might be pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming amount of awesome that’s available out there.