Reader Jill recently shared this link, which shows Carter and his awesome ice cream truck Halloween costume. Carter has Spina bifida, so his dad built him this outfit so he could roll around on Halloween with the rest of the kids. Carter had me thinking about other ways disabilities can be incorporated into Halloween costumes, and I found a collection of examples at the Daily Mail and wanted to share a few!



HOLY SHIP! This one is epic.
HOLY SHIP! This one is epic.

You can see more at the Daily Mail!

Comments on Halloween costumes for kids who use wheelchairs

  1. A friend of mine in college always had epic wheelchair costumes. Most memorable was the tank. I’m sure he’d be impressed with the Mario Kart kid.

  2. The costumes are amazing but I find it really weird that that article is on the Daily Mail. One of the nastiest, most disabled-people-hating papers in the UK, ffs. Seriously, it’s confusing me.

    Also I want to dress up as a pirate ship.

  3. Ohhhhmygoodness. I have been kind of lurking on this site for a long time [since I am nowhere near close to living on my own or being married or being a mama or really anything like that, but like getting ideas for the future!], but this made me HAVE to comment! <3

    I wish my parents and I were more creative when I was little [I, too, am in a wheelchair…at 22, and have Spina Bifida] — I was a cat for like…five years straight, I think. The most creative thing I ever was was Samara Morgan [the creepy little girl in the well from The Ring] … and my dad came up with the idea of building a fake well around my chair AFTER halloween. Oops. Maybe I can try to do it again sometime! And make it even BETTER that time. 😀

    This year, however, I came up with dressing up as R2-D2 over my power chair. My girlfriend, though, was the 10th Doctor [dr who, for those who don't know what I'm talking about. haha] and wanted me to dress up as a dalek [which I thought was an AMAZING idea] ! … or the tardis ~ Maybe next year. :] … since when she mentioned it, it was two days until halloween and I had no money or transportation to get anything I'd need to make a costume. Ha.

    Thanks for the post! I thoroughly enjoy seeing things on here about people/kids with disabilities. :]

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