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Looking for bed that’s a little different? Maybe a little quieter, a little cuter, a little more interesting? We gotchoo.

Fun, swanky beds and furniture from Wedo Beds in the UK

Oh my little UK Homies, I’m jealous of you for so many reasons (sexy accents being the main one) but now I can add our sponsor Wedo Beds to my list. Wedo Beds is a new online bedroom furniture retailer in the UK that offers these amazing choices in beds…

What quiet bed frames are SILENT when you’re gettin’ busy?

Is there a bed frame that won’t betray the frantic motions on the mattress above? I guess what I’m saying is.. How can I make my bed more quiet during sex?!

The agony of sleeping together when you have insomnia (and my Ozzie and Harriet solution)

I’m an insomniac. The kind where I’ve occasionally laid in bed actually crying because I want to sleep so, so badly. And now I have a fiance. Being an insomniac is bad enough. Being an insomniac in love with a good sleeper is its own special kind of torture. But I might have come up with a solution…

Help us make our bed nook look less “Old European shack”

y manfriend and I recently downsized our bedroom. We moved our office area into our bedroom and moved our bed ( nothing else) into where the office used to be. The Bed takes up most of the room (we can’t fit anything else in it)… it’s more like a bednook really.

Now I need ways to make the room look more like a cozy sleeping space and less of a solitary confinement room. I’ve draped a scarf on the wall to make a “headboard” (it’s just a mattress on the floor) but now it’s got this “Old European shack in the middle of winter feel” to it.

What makes for a good temporary bed?

I’m going to be moving in January to a different city, but I know I’ll only be in that city for six months or so. With that in mind, I’m not looking to spend a lot of money on a bed, nor am I interested in buying a used bed. Do any of you have a creative temporary bed solution?

Let’s dream about sleeping porches

The last time I was over at my mom’s property, she was mentioning all the different places on her property where her and her partner like to sleep. They’ve set up beds on just about every deck, porch, and patio surface they could find. Now that it’s finally summer, I say ‘TIS THE SEASON for this kind of sleeping around. So let’s dream about some sleeping porches — and even one sleeping balcony, for those of us in the city.

Scandalize your cat by using a fireplace as a headboard

If you have a fireplace you don’t use or happen to salvage a fireplace mantle, you can totally re-purpose it as a headboard! Flickr user Jennifer is utilizing the awesome molding (and perfect width) of her salvaged fireplace as a headboard for her charming-as-hell bed.

5 reasons why I really, really, REALLY love my springless mattress

My husband and I have slept on springless mattresses the entire time we’ve known each other — so we’re coming up on six years of no-springs-in-our-bed glory. It’s been so heavenly that now I just wonder: why would you EVER sleep on anything else?