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Looking for bed that’s a little different? Maybe a little quieter, a little cuter, a little more interesting? We gotchoo.

Why we put our kids’ bunk bed in the closet

When we moved in to our home, our daughter’s bedroom was a bit of a layout conundrum since we had to work around two closets, a doorway, a window, and a baseboard electric heater PLUS a low ceiling. Then we decided to move the bunk bed into the closet…

Snuggle up in the stormy day-themed bedroom

I love the themed decor posts! Can we maybe do a stormy one? My husband and I want our bedroom to look kind of stormy-day-ish, because we both love that feeling, but we can’t quite figure out how to achieve that.

Adorable dog beds that’ll steal your heart and your attention

I remember the shopping post a long, long time ago about chic dog beds. What about a shopping post request for adorable pet beds?

How I repurposed my wedding veil at home

Did you see my incredibly simple, $14, no-sew DIY veil on Offbeat Bride? This is how I repurposed the fabric for our daughter’s room…

Giant-ass “teddy bear bed with a mohawk” is a thing (of your dreams or horrific nightmares)

Faster than you can say “Zoomorphic Home” I have another awesome animal-shaped home decor item. This time, it’s a bed frame that is an actual giant teddy bear… with a pink mohawk!

I’m freezing and he’s boiling at bed time — help!

As soon as I get tired, I lose all ability to generate my own body heat. I’ll be sleeping with socks, pajamas, three blankets and something over the top of my face and still feel chilled at the same time my husband is boiling. I know partners often prefer different temperatures for sleeping comfortably, so I would LOVE some advice on how you all deal with this issue.

DIY this simple, no-damage, statement piece headboard

I’ve been trying to update my guest room/study for the last two years. It seemed to me that I just needed one simple focal point — which should be the bed. I was on a budget, on a mission and working with a limited amount of space. It seemed like the best solution was to create my own headboard using fabric.

Ozzie and Harriet beds: The aftermath of sleeping separately

This is in response to the insomniac post. I saw a few comments like, “Separate beds will help. Separate rooms would probably help even more.” Having a little bit of experience with this, I wanted to lend my two cents. I can say that it has definitely been a mixed bag, with a few unintended consequences.