Fun, swanky beds and furniture from Wedo Beds in the UK

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Kaydian Allendale Ottoman Bed
Kaydian Allendale Ottoman Bed

Oh my little UK Homies, I’m jealous of you for so many reasons (sexy accents being the main one) but now I can add our sponsor Wedo Beds to my list. Wedo Beds is a new online bedroom furniture retailer in the UK that offers these amazing choices in beds:

The ottoman beds have me the MOST jealous. I freaking love the Kaydian Allendale Ottomon bed that’s pictured above. They’re an amazing bed choice for those who need more storage, but can’t sacrifice space (or style, or comfort).

The awesome part about purchasing a bed from Wedo Beds is they make your shopping experience so damn easy. You can shop by bed type, size, or price. Speaking of price, I don’t know much about pounds, but I know that Wedo Beds promises super-competitive pricing. But my favorite part is their “Blooming Awesome Customer Care” (yes, that’s what they call it — oh you Brits). If at any time you find yourself needing help, you can contact them by telephone, email or by using the live chat on the site.

Once you find your dream Wedo Bed, you’ll get it delivered for free — sometimes even next-freaking-day!

If you’ve been in the market for a new bed, or gorgeous bedroom furniture, do this lame American a favor… hook up with Wedo Beds!

And thanks to Wedo Beds for sponsoring Offbeat Home & Life!

Comments on Fun, swanky beds and furniture from Wedo Beds in the UK

  1. Hoorah for UK sponsors! We’re hoping to buy a flat one of these days and are reconciled to the fact that it’s probably going to be fairly tiny. Now I know where to find my ottoman bed when that day finally comes! 🙂

  2. The ottoman bed is awesome, you’d just want to make sure your ceiling is high enough.

    I once cracked a light fixture in my bedroom while trying to flip the mattress and the bed reminded me of that incident.

  3. Am I the only one who saw the ottoman bed and thought of Barney Stinson’s Ho-Be-Gone (patent pending) bed? Because if so, I’m ashamed of you all.

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