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A “baskets!” hack for broken dresser drawers

Ever have a drawer malfunction on an awesome dresser? I have met that sad fate, and my faithful, trusty, and much loved dresser was out on the curb by end of day. Oh, if only I had half the brains of Offbeat Homie Tess, who totally had a “baskets!” moment with this dresser drawer makeover.

Create a dressing table from two shelves and four baskets

The best Ikea hacks are the ones that make you slap your forehead and go, “DUH! OF COURESE.” We call these “Basket moments,” and this one is more literal, since it involves baskets. Specifically: Two wall-mounted shelves + four baskets + a mirror = dressing table with no table necessary! Perfect for a tiny home and a limited budget.

Store LOADS of tights neatly

I love colored tights, but rarely wear them as they’re sort of stuffed in with my underwear and difficult to keep straight. Enter What I Wore’s great idea on storing tights using normal hangers.

Hang a pull-down wire basket for extra storage in a small bedroom

Got a tiny space? This little AirBNB room on a New Jersey ferry has the right idea: A pulley-based system for holding and releasing a wire basket hanging over the bed. It really improves the storage area in the room, since there’s no room for a side table in this suite.

Learn from a slob: $4 gets you a cleaner, more organized home in 28 days

We talk a lot about successfully riding the bucking stallion of cleaning and organizing, and today Nony from A Slob Comes Clean comes on board as our new sponsor.

Nony’s got a new e-book called 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, wherein she lays out a simple, stepped plan for conquering your inner slob. Using kind words. Words that won’t spook your feral inner slob.

This stolen plastic grocery basket may be the most useful thing I own

When we moved into a dilapidated artist loft in 1999, one of our new neighbors swung by with a housewarming gift: a stolen plastic grocery basket. It has become one of my most prized possessions.