Create a dressing table from two shelves and four baskets

Updated Oct 12 2015
Source: via Ariel on Pinterest
Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

The best Ikea hacks are the ones that make you slap your forehead and go, "DUH! OF COURSE." We call these "Basket moments," and this one is more literal, since it involves baskets. Specifically: Two wall-mounted shelves + four baskets + a mirror = dressing table with no table necessary! Perfect for a tiny home and a limited budget.

More details on this brilliant little idea over at Ikea Hackers.

  1. I recently decided that our next home has to have a dressing table. I was thinking refinished used desk, but I love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks great, but…I can just picture myself leaning heavily on my elbows on the table and CRASH! End of dressing table. The wall and the mounts would need to be pretty heavy-duty.

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