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Reader photos: Godzilla handkerchiefs and wrangling Icelandic birds

Come inside! See fairy tale houses, read about interesting interviews in the Clicky Links, and just be a cooler human being for it.

It has been bike month! Enjoy this art and clothing to celebrate your mobile passion

I kept meaning to do bike month posts, but also kept letting them slip off my editorial calendar. S’okay, this post will help ease the pain.

Make cheap art with sheet music

My husband and I were looking for antique nightstands when we came across our first piece of vintage sheet music. I had to have it… but the shop wanted $8 for what amounted to two sheets of paper.

Displaying postcards and other paper ephemerata without any sticky stuff

I have a lot of postcards that I want to use to decorate my new apartment, but I can’t quite figure out how. How can I incorporate these postcards in my decor in an aesthetically-pleasing and durable way?

Interesting ways to display a pencil collection, organize snacks, and show off cowboy boots

Our readers got crafty and came up with intriguing new ways to show off their stuff. Just WAIT until you see what one girl did to make her broke-down dishwasher useful.

A pink & green owl nursery, cacti strapped to a wall in France, and an artist in the living room

These montage photos make me SO EXCITED. Y’all have been all about the bright colors, crazy furniture juxtapositions, kitties-watching-chickies goodness.

Hanging art without a frame (but staying away from thumb tacks and scotch tape)

Frames are all well and good, but aren’t always an option. Sometimes it’s because of an oddly-sized print, sometimes frames just cost too damn much. How do you hang a print when you can’t find a suitable frame?

The most amazing USB key EVER WROUGHT

Every Monday I cruise the Offbeat Home Flickr Group and curate the most interesting photos for us all to gather ’round computers and look at. Together. This week I present to you: an YouTube video meme sampler, a patio puppy and loads of oogly Clicky Links — like a place selling vintage porn posters.