Reader photos: Godzilla handkerchiefs and wrangling Icelandic birds

Updated Oct 12 2015

Come with me this Monday and tiptoe through the Offbeat Home Flickr Group to enjoy uploads from our readers.

Meaty Treats and Terrible Lizard
Non-art art alert! Meg made a set of Godzilla/meaty treat hankies.

It's about that time. Egg time! Jessi has very handsome chickens -- who lay such delicately spotted eggs.
Yellow cube
An after-dark garden party sounds pretty much lovely. Simon hosted one in his gazebo recently.
Bullet, a Beer, and Three Birds
Bullet is one of those people whose Flickr I follow and I have NO IDEA HOW I FOUND HER but she intrigues me. I'm working on bringing you more of her life in Iceland, but until then, know that in the last week someone in the world was doing this.
Mushroom House
I've been enjoying looking at fairy tale houses this week. This one's in Charlevoix, Michigan.
The Tuck Box
Jim Nix shot this pic of The Tuck Box in Carmel, California.

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  1. I was surprised to see my picture up here this morning. =) That's actually a turkey egg, but I didn't label it. It's from a local working farm my class went to a few weeks ago, here in Albuquerque. Apparently, turkey eggs are pretty rich and people don't usually like to eat them alone, but they are good to cook with in other applications (baking, the lady said). I can offer no insight, as I have never had a turkey egg.

    • My grandmother had turkeys on her farm for a time and I got to eat turkey eggs every once-in-a-while. They are delicious and yes, in Baking are FABULOUS. talkabout ooey-gooeyiest, rich delicious brownies and blondies EVER. Duck eggs are delicous too.

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