The most amazing USB key EVER WROUGHT

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Every Monday I cruise the Offbeat Home Flickr Group and curate the most interesting photos for us all to gather ’round computers and look at. Together.

Steampunk-organ-cockpit-desk (6)This is a USB key. Really. It’s a tease for another tour posting this week: an amaaaaazeballs steampunk home in Massachusetts. Get ready.

On the patioStill fixating on spring in the Monday Montages — here’s loudshannon’s patio puppy.

Shabby ModernQathi wants us to know that this is not shabby chic. This is SHABBY MODERN. A term which she invented. Awesome. I’m on board with that.

Space Needle GothicWeeeeee have a neat home tour posting tomorrow, but this Polaroid portrait is all you get for now. If you think this looks cool, just wait until you see where this couple lives.

kitchen in my single girl studioTotally SERENE kitchen in maiegael’s studio. It’s like the best possible sort of cloudy day in there.

Seahorse Seashell PartyWell, now I want a Seahorse Seashell Party sampler like BevinaNova’s. That’ll make your seahorse-theme bath way less grandma-heavy.

Okay. Clicky Links!

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Comments on The most amazing USB key EVER WROUGHT

  1. Cat Lady here. Those cat beds are uh-maze-ing. I think I won’t be forking over $300 for one, though. But it did inspire me. I wonder if I could make something like that? I’m about to move to the LES in NYC and there are tons of thrift shops and second hand furniture stores in my new hood.

    Right now, kitty has one of those two-story shag carpet uglies to sleep in. I always glare at it as if, with the power of my annoyance, it will transform into something I don’t want to hide. I’m so excited to search for something I could create a bed for her in now!

  2. I was excited about the vintage porn posters, but it’s actually not a store selling them. Der Spiegel is a German magazine, and the pictures are just different movie posters for 70s erotica as part of an article. Not actually for sale 🙁 The article itself is a good read (if you can sprechen the Deutsch).

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