A pink & green owl nursery, cacti strapped to a wall in France, and an artist in the living room

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Crap guys. We’re getting a lot of share-worthy photos in the Flickr Group now. Continue to bring it, and your shot may be up here next Monday!

Lainey's nursery
Pear_fairy created a bright and stimulating owl nursery for baby Lainey. That grouping of frames and art is PER. FECT.

Living Room Studio
Hi, Heverus. This is Cat. Reaching out to you to say, OMG. You’re submitting a Home Tour, right? We need to see more of your faux mantle, living room-studio and steampunk bust.

Window gardening in Nice
A shot of a succulent window garden in Nice, thanks to hannah_cestmoi. There is something simultaneously awesome and comical about these cacti strapped to the shutters.

dining room
UGHHHHHHHH. The bright yellow map overpowers that little tiny mod table of stegersaurus31s’ in a really good way. If that makes sense.

Balcony in Fargo
BevinaNova says this was Fargo, North Dakota on March 28. Des Moines got snow that day, too. Can’t wait for the grass to green!

“Extremely fresh chicken nuggets” from Joker Venom. Cats are like raptors, man. You leave them in the same room with those chicks long enough, and they’ll test every possible way to get into that cage.

Trudeau Dartboard Jewelry Organizer
This is Mod Mischief’s jewelry organizer, made from a dart board she found at a thrift store featuring a rare caricature of one of Canada’s best-loved prime ministers, Pierre Trudeau. Weird! (Thanks to copyeditor Caroline for schooling this American on that!)

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Comments on A pink & green owl nursery, cacti strapped to a wall in France, and an artist in the living room

  1. Re: grass alternatives, my parents live in southern Utah, where water is at a premium. The house they’re renting has NO grass or green cround cover whatsoever! It’s all cacti and lava rocks and heat&dry-resistant native plants. After 20+ years of mowing the lawn in Florida, my Dad loves the zeroscaping!

    Now if only the rest of that neighborhood would get the idea… it’s a golf course community, and the amount of water they waste on keeping the course green is just obscene.

  2. Hey, that’s my dining room — thanks, guys!

    And on grass — any nursery with an emphasis on local plants ought to have suggestions specific to your location and climate for replacing grass. Here in Austin, I know there are several alternatives, including plants that still gives you that “expanse of soft green stuff” look and feel, if your vision of running through the field of rocks and succulents isn’t going to cut it.

  3. Longtime follower of the Offbeat Empire, so of course I follow Offbeat Home, but this is the first post (for some unknown reason) where it really dawned on me that Offbeat Home has the potential to be something we’ve never seen before. I was concerned that the site would be too similar to, say, Design*Sponge, but now I understand that It won’t be. Of course it won’t be!! Good luck in the future ladies!!

  4. Glad to see I’m not the only one who has a penchant for working in the living room. I have tried to work in the studio, but I seem to be attracted to places where living actually happens. Of course this means I have to clean up my messes frequently.

  5. I love the idea of the dartboard organizer. I use a bulletin board for my earrings. The view of the studio with the keys over the doorway…..stunning and I love it!

  6. Thanks for putting up my courtyard! 🙂 It’s April 4 here now and it looks the same! We’re just getting ready for flood season before summer pops in for… July…

    ALSO, LOVE the bright green nursery room, delightful!

    • There are so so so so many things that come across my RSS feed which are limited-editions. On one hand — it makes me sad. On the other — not accruing crap!

  7. Those are my chickens and cats! Don’t worry, the now GIANT chicks are safely locked away, and will be living outside in a safe chicken run within a few weeks. The cats are still interested, but can’t get to them. =)

    • That’s funny… I used to live on a golf course and we used to raise baby ducks to later release in the pond out back, and my cats couldn’t have cared less about the ducklings. They’d coolly regard them from across the garage, but never anything more. I think I had weird cats!

    • Shesaidsvengali, you are my new favorite person ever.

      Also – it still needs to be mowed, but needs no other maintenance at all – zoysia grass. I’m not sure if it’s actually a type of grass, but you get plugs to put in your lawn and it spreads to cover it. It turns brown in the winter, but in the summer when you’ve got the heat, it turns green and stays green, no matter what you do to it.

  8. Hi, Cat! This is Heverus. I just moved in only a month ago, so once the rest of this place is together I’ll be sure to submit a Home Tour. Thanks for featuring my living room photo! 😀

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