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Heron and Daniel’s big cozy arty rowhouse in DC

Soooo…this apartment is the poster child for Put a Bird on It — and you’ll be totally cool with that. Birds on the bed, birds on the wall, loads of books and a hallway gallery idea you’ll think is brilliant.

10 ways to dress up your walls without paint

Even when you have the ability to paint, you might not always have the energy OR the budget. There are a few surprises in this list of ten ways to work with a wall sans-paint.

Get excited about building greenhouses, art that swears, and a trip to Spain

Happy Monday! Today we bring you a clock for math geeks, a motel where you can stay in travel trailers, lots of art and a peek at this week’s home tour in Spain.

How to collage photos and knick-knacks in a vintage, mini, super-customizable display

Whitney assembled a whole lotta photos and small objects into a nicely-arranged art piece she and her guests can admire. She made a very detailed how-to for us to follow.

Turn a shitty corner of your home into an altar for an awesome thing

Offbeat Home wants YOU to find an unloved place in your house and make it awesome. Here are the deets.

Monday Montage: erotic art and all-concrete bathrooms

This week I went 50s-house crazy to find a lovely blue bathroom and a crazy rodeo decorative tile. However, the real finds were from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool: how’s about a boobie painting and a clock so big it might take over its tiny flat?

TurningArt: It’s like Netflix, but for art

Buying art is hard. I’m an artist and even I can tell you that. TurningArt makes it easier by giving you baby steps — hang new art in your home as often as you like and build credit toward your next purchase of an original piece. You’ll love the selection — and the price!

Underwater at 8 months pregnant

“While trying to stay in shape (yeah, right!), keep working, and let out some creative energy while pregnant with baby #4, I decided it was time to move my work into the ocean.”