It has been bike month! Enjoy this art and clothing to celebrate your mobile passion

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We kind of ignored bike month. Sorry, guys. I know in Des Moines we had all kindsa programming geared (get it? GEARED) toward getting people on their wheels, promoting bike safety, and just being an awesome state for biking around. We loves our bikes.

As a token of regret for skipping a fantastic mode of alternative transportation, overlooking a national pastime, and shirking my duties as a topical Managing Editor, I’m bringing you a collection of bike art with which you can grace your walls, desks, cars, spokes and bodies — and later we have a helpful guest post on how to maximize your biking life to live car-lite. But first, the art:

Oh that faux-propaganda style we love so well. It's popular for a reason: it rocks. Check out Liz Meyer's print Hill Summon My Fighting Spirit when you need biking motivation.

Despite its punniness, I still dig Matt Leyen's Negative Ghostrider.

Dark Cycling Clothing makes a wheel-and-crossbones hoodie. Hells yes.

Snag a print of Ubercraft's Fixed...What? on Society6.
Matt Forsythe drew a blob-monster on a bike, reminding you that being cool is about more than looking cool.
Mobiles! Yes! This bike mobile is from Etsy maker SaltyandSweet.

If you haven’t ridden in a bit, harken back to our Earth Day post for a video on how to tune up your bike. Otherwise, get in one last ride during Bike Month 2011 today.

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  1. Make every month bike month! Here in Minneapolis some clever guys created 30 days of biking, which rolls into National Bike Month (May), and then our local Twin Cities Bike Walk Week the first week in June. I feel PRETTY lucky to live in such a great city and to be gainfully employed as a Minneapolis Bike Walk Ambassador. Thank you for this post! Before that ride, it couldn’t hurt to brush up on the rules of the road, no?

    Also, in my humble opinion, where bikes and affordable art collide, Artcrank is THE BEST! I highly encourage the art loving bicyclists or bike loving artsy folk to check it out. It’s affordable, poster-style, bicycle themed art. What’s not to love?! 🙂 Heaven.

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