A great lesson in DIY, eco-friendly, backyard art studios

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diy backyard studioIf you’ve ever thought about building an art studio in your backyard, you can really learn a thing or two from Chris and Jean’s hand-made art studio


large-5This studio is large enough to have a bed and a dinette set on one side. Notice the un-finished wall that acts as their “wall of hope.” Adorable!

large-6They also created a private bathroom, with the sink on the outside, so it can double as the art sink for projects.

large-10Concerned about plumbing? Chris and Jean use a basic composting toilet called “Loveable Loo” that uses no water. There’s an outdoor shower as well as this hand-tiled indoor shower. And all water is used to water the plants.

large-13They have lots more photos of the DIY art studio, including pics of it being constructed over here.

But tell me, is this making you realize YOU could build your own art retreat in your backyard? I’m not sure mine would look as good as this, but I’m starting to dream up plans for my very own eco-friendly backyard studio.

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  1. If you lack building skills- in my SoCal days I used a basic prefab garden shed as an office for several years. Just enough space for a tiny couch, a desk, and a few bookshelves, but it became a sweet retreat. Having a workspace separate from our tiny living space (a tiny 1950s “motorhome” that was no longer mobile) made both spaces all the sweeter.

  2. I didn’t click on the link, or this wouldn’t have come as a surprise, but later I was browsing on airbnb and said, “Hey! This place looks just like something I saw on Offbeat Home! Wait…I did see it on Offbeat Home!” XD

    It looks adorable, and I’m excited to know I could actually stay there!

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