Dangers at home, Jayne Cobb, and moving supplies in this week's reader photos

Updated Oct 12 2015

What up! On Mondays we start the week with a few photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr pool and Pinterest, and send you off with a interesting links.

I'd love to show your photos here next week: share them!

OKAY let's go!

DIY Jewelry Holder
Not_Exactly_Martha made these picture frames into new jewelry holders!

Jayne Painting in the Studio
Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! Heverus painted this Jayne-ish sign, as a way to practice weathering techniques.
My version of a nursery
Last week I turned our guest room into a nursery. Not the kind that houses babies, obviously.
Packing Labels
Kellbot made some color-coordinated moving labels you can print off. I love when other people share the things I'm too lazy to make!
Funky Floral Bunting
Sewingobsessed is thinking summer with floral patterns.
That's One Way to Get A Haircut
Joker Venom's household was exciting: 'Oven's gas line blew up. In Adam's Face. He's lucky to be alive. His hair is not so lucky.'

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  1. Great roundup. I love all of these pictures! Except the singed hair, that's terrifying!

    I had big plans to color coordinate our boxes to rooms when we moved but by the end I was shoving everything into boxes willy-nilly. Definitely regret that, considering it's been a year and I'm still unpacking.

  2. What? What's wrong with my hair? Our oven had been in a state of mostly broken for a year at the point of that photo. Alone one night, it started making a whirring noise, so I went to unplug the damn thing. When I shifted it to get to the plug, I found the cause of the noise- a loose live wire. I found out it was the wire when it fell across the gas pilot line and it arced brighter than a million dying suns and all that compressed gas erupted into a giant column of flames. The shut off was also behind the stove, thankfully.

      • I didn't. The explosion and flames were so sudden I had no time to protect anything, and my reactions to dive toward the fire and the shut off valve were thankfully automatic and quick. This is the result of my face not being a few more inches forward.

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