Store your spaghetti in a Pringles can

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Source: via Ariel on Pinterest
Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

So, you open the spaghetti box. You use half the pasta, and then try to close the box, but every time you reach into the cabinet it threatens to slide out, because pasta boxes aren’t really meant to be resealed. And then you realize HOLY FUCK. I can store my unused spaghetti in this Pringles can!

Possible side bonus: pasta with delicious potato crisp flavor?

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  1. This is brilliant. I love the idea and now feel compelled to eat Pringles, paint the tin to suit kitchen and feel smug that there is no longer pasta escaping all in my cupboards any more. I might do another for my escaping noodles. I love this. Baskets!

  2. Why didn’t I think of this before? Hmm, but with our current diet, we’re cutting out junk food. Might be a while before we eat any Pringles or other tall cylindrical container type chips…

  3. I use a tin that held – I think? – Christmas cookies. It’s shaped just like a Pringles can! I nabbed it when a friend was cleaning out her cabinets. It’s black with a silver design, so it matches my kitchen perfectly!

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