Kiss me, I’m eating St. Paddy’s Day grub (Guinness included!)

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St. Patrick's Day recipes - St. Paddy's Day recipes as seen on @offbeathome #recipes #irish #stpatricksday
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Don your green and grab your glass because everyone’s favorite day to fake being Irish is almost heeeeeere. We’ve got some St. Paddy’s Day recipes to satisfy your carb tooth, your sweet tooth, your booze tooth, and even your hangover tooth. Let’s talk soda bread, Guinness sauce, and a healthy day-after treat to soothe your sore head from all that green beer.

Skillet Irish soda bread recipe as seen on @offbeathome #stpatricksday #sodabread
Skillet Irish soda bread

Dense and mildly sweet, Irish soda bread is the easiest method of getting mass amounts of Kerry Gold into your belly — outside of bulletproof coffee, at least. It’s an old peasant bread so it takes very few ingredients and it’s awesomely rustic.

Get the recipe here.

Skillet Irish soda bread recipe as seen on @offbeathome #stpatricksday #sodabread
Skillet Irish soda bread

So butter is a delish topping for soda bread, but what about GUINNESS? Yep, we’ve got a way to combine these two…

Sweet Guinness reduction sauce as seen on @offbeathome #guinness
Sweet Guinness sauce

This sweet Guinness sauce was inspired by a recent trip to Disney Springs where we were served this rich Guinness sauce for dipping. Come to find out, it’s basically just reduced Guinness and sugar. Um, yes please. Take a piece of that soda bread and smoosh it into this sauce and learn what living is really for.

Get the recipe here.

Healthy shamrock shake as seen on @offbeathome #protein #smoothie
Healthy protein “shamrock shake”

Okay, so you’ve overindulged at the bars. It’s time for some tummy TLC in the form of a low calorie/high protein green smoothie: a healthy protein “shamrock shake!” Grab some spinach, your preferred protein powder, and the couch for some much-needed chill time.

Get the recipe here.

More green in yo’ life:

How do YOU celebrate St. Paddy’s Day?

Comments on Kiss me, I’m eating St. Paddy’s Day grub (Guinness included!)

  1. Ok, so this is a weird pet peeve of mine, but that recipe isn’t for Irish Soda Bread. Traditional Irish soda bread contains only four ingredients: flour, buttermilk, salt, and baking soda. No sugar or fruit.

    Check out the Society for the Preservation of Traditional Irish Soda Bread ( for a recipe. I’ve made it and it’s 1. easy and 2. delicious. And still a wonderful way to eat that kerry gold.

    • I had no idea! Thanks for the info. My mom just made us a loaf of not-soda bread (raisins, caraway seeds, etc.) and while it’s of course tasty, I’d love to try the traditional version. I don’t even like raisins, so I’m happy to skip them!

    • I have seen recipes with a bit of brown sugar, or even butter, in them, but they’re the exception rather than the rule.

      Unless you’re making treacle soda bread, which obviously has treacle (molasses) in it as well. That’s definitely more a treat than an ordinary bread though.

      One thing to remember about soda bread – you really have to eat it the day you make it. It doesn’t keep.

  2. A local baker put out samples of irish soda bread yesterday and I tried it. Holy smokes, talk about sweet! They should have been honest and called it Irish Soda Cake.

  3. Other actual Irish food:

    Coddle! (specific to Dublin, I miss it)
    Bailey’s icecream
    Crisp sandwiches (with Kerrygold butter and Tayto crisps)
    Potato cakes

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