A deliciously messy mean green pesto and avocado sandwich recipe

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Pesto avocado sandwich
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I had previously made a lighter version of pesto inspired by spinach and artichoke dip and I had to find a vehicle to drive it into my mouth. This was a a job for a bunch of green stuff for a big ol’ vegetarian sandwich in the making.

Pesto avocado sandwich
Hello, lover.

The pesto definitely takes focus in this sandwich, but it’s competing with some heavy hitters for attention: namely hummus and avocado. The addition of those two ingredients also makes it deliciously messy. After that it was just filling in with some spinach and of course, CHEESE. I used an aged Irish cheddar and a little blue cheese to make it really decadent.

Pesto avocado sandwich

Here’s how I made it:

Mean and green pesto and avocado sandwich


2 slices crusty bread of your choice
1/4 of an avocado
1 tablespoon spinach artichoke pesto (Recipe here!)
1 slice cheese (I used Irish cheddar, but mozzarella would be divine)
1 tablespoon hummus
handful of fresh spinach
1 teaspoon crumbled blue or goat cheese


1. Toast the bread either on the stovetop with a little oil or in the toaster
2. Spread the hummus on one slice of bread and the pesto on the other. Layer half a slice of cheese on each of the bread slices. Layer on the spinach and avocado and sprinkle the crumbled cheese on top.
3. Smoosh gently together, slice ‘er up, and enjoy.

Pesto avocado sandwich

Comments on A deliciously messy mean green pesto and avocado sandwich recipe

  1. mmm pesto….
    one of my favourite variations uses the greens from a bunch or radishes in place of basil and walnuts instead of pine nuts, but keeps the oil, garlic and parmesan or pecorino. Peppery and tangy, yum!

  2. I’m making pesto ranch chicken for dinner! I love pesto so much. The smell, flavor, just everything about it is perfect.
    But back to the point: My friend made a Pesto Caesar Chicken sandwhich and shared half with me, and it was TO DIE FOR. Basically same as above, but add leftover caesar salad as your greens (no hummus or avocado was on it though). I’m not a fan of avocado’s but this recipe is making me drool a little bit. might have to give it a go!

  3. This post makes me so sad that last night I turned my avocados into meh-tasting guacamole. Not sure what happened there. Maybe sticking it in this sandwich might help?

  4. I admire your restraint in only using 1/4 of an avocado. I can’t help but cram at least a half, if not the entire thing in sandwiches.
    Also, have you tried this without the hummus, but as a grilled cheese? Avocado in a cheddar grilled cheese is awesome.

  5. WOW this is my kind of sandwich!!! So many of my favorite foods, all in one tasty meal. You could get really creative with the cheese combinations… the cheddar and bleu is one of my favorites, but I bet fresh mozzarella and goat cheese would be delicious too. You could even incorporate a firmer, younger cheese like halloumi or paneer, it might beef the sandwich up a bit but I bet it would still be awesome. This is most definitely going to be added to my weekday lunch rotation!!

  6. So that was delicious.

    I added about a tablespoon of nutritional yeast to my pesto-like-substance, I found it a little runny for a sandwich spread at first. So adding ‘nooch’ worked out perfect 😛

    I also forgot the hummus. I don’t think I was missing out.

    And another cheese choice: Dubliner. A+ cheese right there.

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