Use the weekly Social Fitness Challenge to exercise your social muscles

Guest post by Julie F.

By: D. Sharon PruittCC BY 2.0

These days, we’re overwhelmed with training programs to lose weight, curb eating, and blah blah blah. What if we could instead train to be better human beings? What if what we really need is a social exercising program?

That’s where the Weekly Social Fitness Challenge comes in to play.

From the Weekly Social Challenge site:

Similar to an exercise routine, the weekly challenges will cover strengthening and flexibility exercises such as practicing courageous conversations across a variety of social situations, taking the perspective of others, showing appreciation, and expressing gratitude.

I think it’s a wonderful idea!

So who wants to take these social fitness challenges!?

Comments on Use the weekly Social Fitness Challenge to exercise your social muscles

  1. My favorite: #14 ”Listen carefully to someone without trying to solve his/her problem.”
    Oh boy, my solving-problem-self need to learn how to do this!

  2. I’m definitely going to do this. It looks like an awesome way to expand on what I already do: I challenge myself to just be more… human, I guess, to my fellow human. Instead of instantly judging that scruffy guy at the bus stop, I smile. If he wants to tell me his life story, I’ll listen.

    I know – at least in my case – that my internal hurts and conflicts often distance me from other people. But making an effort to reach out often helps me get away from my own sadness. Two birds, one stone!

  3. This is a beautiful idea. I read all of them and they are so simple and yet, could have such an impact on people around you and yourself. A few i do already, but many are things that are important, but get lost in the shuffle of daily life. Thank you for the great link. Bookmarking it for sure.

  4. I live this idea! I wish it were an app, or something I could use to log my progress. I tend to stick to things (budget, exercise) when I have to check in daily to add what I’ve done. I guess I could put everything into a trusty spreadsheet.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking, actually. Once I get into the habit of doing something I’m fine, but the probably is getting into the habit. I really want to do this (the psychology nerd inside of me is freaking out because this is absolutely AWESOME) but I’m not sure how to stay in the habit of doing it. I guess for now I’m going to try putting the challenges into my Google calendar and sync the notifications with my phone.

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