Tarot: Your intuitive introspection tool

Tarot, like astrology, runestones, reading tea leaves, etc., are tools to help us to consider parts of our consciousness that are otherwise difficult to confront. What if you’re not entirely sure how to get started with tarot, or you’ve tried but come up against some blocks? You don’t need a degree, or even a fondness for symbols, or anything, really. Just a willingness to look openly and honestly, and a deck.

Here are my tips for tarot newbies…


I successfully chased my Big Life Dream, and I hated it

So I set my mind to it — damn the naysayers. I was going to do this thing. So I saved up for several years, bought a boat, fixed her up, moved aboard, left my job, and started traveling… And then finally admitting that I seriously hate this.

So here's what I learned from dream chasing and giving up…