Snakey maternity photos

Updated Oct 12 2015

A very special thanks to Rebecca for sharing her amazing maternity photos with us:

Photo by Katsoulis Photography
She explains, "I had a 2 hour photo shoot done yesterday at my apartment. As soon as the photographer walked in and saw my snakes he was all about taking pictures with them."

One more of Rebecca's photos from Katsoulis Photography after the jump!

  1. such a beautiful mom and stunning photography… very "eve in the garden/maternity goddess".

    p.s. my eyes misread the title at first glance and I thought it read "skanky maternity photos" (which they certainly aren't, but you know, it was funny.)

  2. This is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen…so amazing. Takes your breath away, almost. Like someone else said, so nurturing, so Eve-in-the-garden-of-Eden! And a woman's pregnancy is such a beautiful thing…how fantastic!

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