Monday Moment: a small balcony FULL of color

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There ain’t NOTHING wrong with how much color Offbeat Homie Kristin squeezed into her small balcony. And it was all achieved with a rainbow of planters and paper lantern string lights, which is giving me some ideas about my own small balcony. Hmmm…

Here’s what Kristin had to say about it her colorful outdoor moment.

I love our outdoor space! One year living in our apartment, and we’ve finally turned this bare space into something comfy and inviting. The only problem? The tree in the background? It causes my allergies to go nuts!

But I bet having a cool drink on this awesome balcony is TOTALLY worth the allergy fight!

Now I want to see more of your outdoor space. Leave links to photos in the comments, submit a photo to our Flickr pool, or write us a guest post, Homies!

Comments on Monday Moment: a small balcony FULL of color

  1. Hey! My balcony! Yay! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look so pretty right now. We’ve been dealing with a family of raccoons who have taken up residence nearby, and they’ve decided that my lovely balcony made an awesome playroom. I woke up one morning, and the pots were turned over, plants were eaten or destroyed, and the lights pulled down. Guess its time for a change! Haha. But thanks so much for featuring this picture! I love the site and learn something new or gain some inspiration every day!

  2. I have those same exact planters and bought them for the same exact reason you have them: COLOR!! I adore little spaces that pack a color punch to your face!

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