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My new obsession: Gigantic beach blankets shaped like food!

Remember just about every summer when I freak out about amazingly ridiculous rafts? Well, once this one got made, I realized that nothing will ever be better than that. So now I have a new obsession: Gigantic beach blankets shaped like food!

Now let’s feast on delicious beach blankets…

An offbeat auntie Santa Monica outing

Ooooh we’ve received a little more photo magic via Two Bright Lights again! This set of photos is of photographer Ilene Squires‘s best friend and her niece and nephew. I love the idea of an auntie or uncle (or family friend!) having his or her own photo session with the kids — it’s something you don’t see a lot!

We are brave and beautiful: a single mom’s journey back home with her son

Ooooh, y’all. We’re very privileged here at Offbeat Mama, because we get to see and feature a lot of incredible photo sessions. This post is definitely no exception — these photos (shot by North Carolina-based Charo Photography) feature Casey, a single mother, and her son Joseph. The idea behind the photos is ingenious: the pair picked words that they would use to describe one another and wrote them on each other. The results? Totally breathtaking.

A beachside maternity session featuring one happy mama and her kilt-clad baby daddy

So get this: I’ve just discovered that the only way to make a beach-side maternity session even better (because obviously the whole OCEAN thing already rocks) is to throw in an incredibly adorable family that includes a dad wearing a REAL LIFE KILT. I’m not sure why the juxtaposition of the kilt and the sea is so fantastic to me, but these maternity photos are some of my favorites that have landed in our Flickr pool to date.