Move over "spinster": this old term for an unmarried woman is bad-ass

Back when I was buying a condo as an unmarried woman about a decade back, I was confronted with the term "spinster" in the legal documentation declaring that I *gasp* had no husband in the process of buying this home. Get your fainting couches ready. I think it would have been far less jarring had I been confronted with the term THORNBACK, though. What's a thornback you ask? Come with me on this journey of fantastic singlehood, friends…

Shame kept me from sending single parent Christmas cards

Why over a decade of holiday seasons have come and gone without a Christmas card from us is complicated.

Actually it's not! It's because of shame; plain and simple.

I ended up feeling like I didn't have a "right," or we weren't "enough of a family" to send one out. Like it was a feeling that we weren't complete. Like somehow we were less of a family because there wasn't a second parent, or even another child. Just me and her. Just. Only.

I'm a single mom, but I don't do it alone

I've had many friends and family and acquaintances exclaim, "I don't know how you do it!" when I mention the kids and work and school and all my various activities. I have a LOT on my plate, but in the throes of it, I just… do it. I manage. Somehow. Here's the thing, though. I think the term "single mom" is kind of misleading. Yes, I am single. "Single" in the strictly relationship-status-definition of the word. I do not have a boyfriend or significant other who helps me with housework and rubs my feet at night and shares the day-to-day responsibility of caring for my children.