Antique sewing machine is reborn as chic computer desk for a DIY master

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Computer Table BeforeEvita snagged this 1926 Singer 66 sewing machine at her Goodwill, but was sad to find that it was beyond repair.

Happily, she found she could salvage the sewing machine’s parts for use in another Singer 66 — and as she was also in need of a new computer table, this little antique got a new life.

Computer Table Before

The veneer on the table was in bad shape, and the top was useless. Evita stripped the table and gave it a coat of matte black spray paint, then installed a new top made from a scrap of MDF.

Computer Table Before

Computer table before/after.

A fairly simple revamp turned a down-and-out appliance into a high-class and totally workable computing solution.

Comments on Antique sewing machine is reborn as chic computer desk for a DIY master

  1. Nice! I bet an old door could be used for a computer table top as well, as long as it was flat, and there would be a built-in hole for cables in the hole for the handle.

    I took my grandma’s old sewing machine table and gave it a new life too. It was not in as bad shape, so I was still able to use the top. I took off the dated handles and repainted it a light green. I then dry brushed a slightly darker green over that. When it was all dry I used fine sandpaper to rough the edges. I ended up using ribbons in place of hardware handles, which has a softer look and feel.

    It was my vanity for a long time and more recently has become a great changing table. I intend for it to become the desk for my daughter when she is big enough to need her own desk.

  2. My mom refinishes furniture, and she and other carpenters have found SO many uses for these tables.
    Some ideas for tiny tables:
    – Converted the top into a checkerboard, used the drawer (it had one) for checkers
    – Hallway table
    – Mini cocktail station
    – Mini vanity
    – Electronic device charging station

  3. I use a vintage sewing machine as my vanity. It is PERFECT! The long, narrow drawers are awesome for makeup. I would recommend doing this, and finding your old sewing machine on craigslist! Much cheaper than at an overpriced antique store.

  4. We turned a lovely empty sewing machine table and a fortunately sized surface mount sink into our bathroom sink. We even kept the little door in the front with a bin functional. I store a little scrubbie sponge in there for quick sink cleaning. We put adjustable feet on the bottom to deal with our extremely uneven floors. It’s totally unique, classy as all get out and its fits in our tiny little bathroom.

  5. I have an old sewing machine table just like this one and I’ve been trying to do some research on it to determine if it’s worth any value. I don’t want to sell it because I love it. I just think it would be cool to know the value of it. It’s in working condition. Does anyone have any information or know where I can find out anything about it?

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