Photo courtesy A Little Bit Funky.

…More like AWESOME idea of the day. Turn your old wooden spoons into a color-coordinated rainbow-dipped set. Crystal from A Little Bit Funky posted a whole tutorial on her site — including what she used to seal up the spoons safely. You could use them as art OR as useful utensils!

Comments on Paint the handles of wooden spoons

  1. For resale purposes we’re planning to do a very neutral kitchen reno (white and silver and grey). While I do love a calming palette in the kitchen, I also HEART pops of colour….I am excited to do this and hang them on the wall! (art + useful = happy me)

    Also, sad face here for Cat’s departure, can’t imagine how difficult that decision must have been for Ariel. 🙁

  2. Love. Love. Love.

    What an awesome idea! Would also help out with the sweet/savoury spoon dilemma we have at our place – as the main cook, I know what I use for what, but hubs can never remember. How easy would it be to have blue/green shades for savoury and red/pink for sweet (for instance) … love it! We’ve got a long weekend coming up in my corner of Australia, and I think I’ve found my project!

    • May I ask why you need sweet/savory spoons? Is it because of savory flavors getting onto the spoons and getting savory flavors into sweet food?

      • Its more of a mental thing than anything I think, but I get a bit icked out when I think that I could be making jam with the same wood spoon as I made spaghetti with… and my MIL does it and I thought it was a great idea.

  3. Thinking… I’d probably shellac only JUST above the painted line. Food safe or not, I wouldn’t want shellac chipping or melting off into my food. By covering above the painted line, you’re ensuring that the business is bonded, but not getting much into the parts that would come in contact with the food.
    To seal the rest of the wood, just give it a brush-down with mineral oil.

  4. Just wanna say that I was just at Target and they have wooden utensils EXACTLY like these (for $8 a pop!) and I literally yelled to my fiancé “HOLY CRAP I SAW HOW TO DIY THESE ON OFFBEAT HOME THIS MORNINGGGG!!!!” He didn’t quite get my excitement. Oh well. I’m excited to do it and add some (more) color to the kitchen!

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