A handmade rainbow-and-clover-themed birthday party for a one-year-old

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Katie and Olive! All photos by Vin Reed.

You might remember this space-themed nursery from 2011… so it will come as no surprise to you that Katie crafted an awesome party to celebrate her daughter’s first year of life.

Says Katie:

My daughter just celebrated her first birthday and she happens to be a St. Patrick’s Day baby. So I ran with the party theme God gave me — rainbows! I threw in some pinwheels and polkadots (and a whole lot of Jello) and I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Plus my daughter in a rainbow tutu and pink cowboy boots is pretty much to die for. As a guest said, “She looks like she’s ready for Burning Man!”

Love these yarn wrapped letters!
The party was on St. Patrick's day, but clover could be used as decor for any spring-time bash.
Pot of gold! Cute.
Love love love the polka dot wall. I want one all the time.
Unicorn piñata? This birthday party is WINNING.
Rainbow Jello… in a CUP.

You can see more sweet heavenly rainbow deliciousness at Katie’s blog.

Comments on A handmade rainbow-and-clover-themed birthday party for a one-year-old

  1. Goooorgeous! I love hand-made party stuff. We just had Teo’s first, and while it wasn’t nearly as beautiful as this, it was really rewarding to have a “from scratch” kinda birthday.

    • Jill – I’m sure your event was just as lovely!! Never underestimate the value of amazing photos. The party looked good, but the photos are what made it look amazing! My friend Vin who took the photos has such a great eye!

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words all and to Stephanie for putting together such a great article. I’m so pleased to be able to share such a great day with all my off-beat peeps!

  3. I’m also a momma to a St. Paddy’s day baby, and while my son’s first birthday was a rather small and simple affair due to my and hubby’s work and school schedules, I am TOTALLY saving this page as idea-fodder for next year.
    I really, really really love the idea of the clover-theme for decorations, complete with potted clover!

  4. Smaller world! In searching for “rainbow themed party invites” I found your blog….here’s the small world part, I have a little lady getting ready to turn 1 on March 13th 2013 who happens to be named Olive and I am planning on a rainbow themed party with a rainbow tutu. I hope your special little Olive enjoyed her big day and that you had time to cherish that BIRTH day to as well! Cheers 🙂

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