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How I express my offbeat self in my onbeat career?

How I find ways to express my offbeat self in my onbeat career

I’m a total Offbeater in an Onbeat career. I’m the business interface and management for a group of engineers in Tech in the Silicon Valley. And unless you can break the sound barrier on amazing code, your work clothes had better be “business casual.” Since I am the business interface, I find myself even more pigeonholed into looking more “corporate” than I’d prefer. I find little ways to express my offbeatness though…

Make breastfeeding punk again with these bad-ass nursing shirts

Make breastfeeding punk again with these bad-ass nursing shirts

When it comes to breastfeeding-friendly fashion, you’re probably feeling a wee bit limited right about now. So when I ran across these bad-ass nursing shirts from Etsy seller And Out Come The Boobs (h/t to reader Colleen!), I knew I HAD to share them. These thrifted tees are upcycled with zippers to allow access for your up-and-coming punk babies.

Naomi & Casey: From punk rock wedding to rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle

Since we were married, we’ve been playing in rock ‘n’ roll bands, recording rock ‘n’ roll bands, taking lots of pictures, playing with our bulldog, Doodah, changing our hair color, getting tattoos, fixing motorcycles and liking each other a little bit more each year.

A tiny, geeky, artsy, punk-y studio in Seattle

There are two big challenges here: storage room and tidiness. It’s not a very big apartment — I think it clocks in at about 425 sq. ft., and it only comes with just the closet and some poorly arranged kitchen cabinets to contain all my stuff. So most of my furniture is for the storing of things because I can’t live without making and surrounding myself with art.

Monday Moment: punk rock walls surround this makeshift dining room

Thanks to Tina for uploading her favorite moment in her home — her dining room. Yes, that table and vinyl chairs are amazeballs, but it’s what’s on the walls around ’em that really make this moment kick ass and take names.

Purge’s punk rock room: making the most of a share-house space

Purge and her fiance Fernz live in a share-house space — but that hasn’t kept them from creating an amazing punk rock bedroom hideaway, utilizing some of the tricks she’s learned for decorating without losing your lease.

Dark clothes, punk shirts, gothic jewelry from

Oh HELLO, newly-scouted Euro-based clothier Restyle. I am in lovvvve with your gothy-punk mix and your supah-cute model. You have come along at just the time so many of us are restocking our closets for summer. Whether you’re looking for a few new accessories or a host of macabre tees, I think you’ll like shopping here.

5 ways being a parent is like being in a 24/7 mosh pit

Five years ago I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at a Dropkick Murphys show. I was 36 weeks pregnant with my daughter, and thanks to pregnancy boobs and some very nice bouncers I was allowed to sit behind the bar to sip ginger ale and munch on soda crackers while I watched the show. This past weekend I once again celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at a Dropkick Murphys show and the experience was somewhat different. Instead of being on the sidelines watching and thinking about what I would do if I were on the floor, I was there in the thick of it — jumping, singing, being loud and rowdy. It was fantastic.