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Turn your bathroom into a miniature art gallery

Like it or not, the lavatory is a place in which we all spend quite some time. Sometimes even long stretches. Sure, a magazine might help to pass the time, but what if you’ve read every article twice already? In our toilet room, there is still plenty to look at, because I’ve turned it into a miniature art gallery, using nothing but postcards and some picture frames.

Reader Round-up: Batdogs, city pigs, gallery walls, and cross-stitch charms

Once again, I loved getting peeks into the lives of my wonderful Homies from your Offbeat Home Flickr pool submissions. I got lessons in how to calm a “batdog,” got to peep a glorious gallery wall, and had my mind blown by a tiny cross-stitched charm. Ooh, I share with you yet another weekend adventure. This time, you’ll NEVER guess the animal I helped my friend adopt.

Decorate your space with this no-damage, rainbow gallery wall

Love the look of gallery walls, but don’t love the idea of pounding nails over and over until you get it looking right? Are you also a big fan of rainbow color schemes? I think I just found your ideal wall decor…

Monday Moment: A timey-wimey clock wall

Thanks to BadGuysEqualXPS for uploading this photo to our Flickr pool. If anyone has been gifted many a wall clock, this moment comes with a pretty sweet way to deal with having that much time at your disposal.

Monday Moment: punk rock walls surround this makeshift dining room

Thanks to Tina for uploading her favorite moment in her home — her dining room. Yes, that table and vinyl chairs are amazeballs, but it’s what’s on the walls around ’em that really make this moment kick ass and take names.

Monday Moment: an impractical nook turned design moment

Drew’s new apartment came with neat little nook that was too small to be fully functional but to big to be ignored. So he created this awesome moment, complete with unusually rockin’ “flowers.”

Use your scanner to make art

Homie Leah had blank walls and a cheap scanner/printer for free when she bought her computer. So she used it to make scanner art.