Hang this pretty earring organizer on your wall

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Earring OrganizationHomie StellarP says she snagged this great idea for earring organization from Pinterest. And it looks fabulous! Just take chains, hang them on the wall, then hang your drop and dangle earrings from them. It makes for some easy, pretty access, storage, and organization.

And look how cute it is in StellarP’s bathroom…


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  1. Ahhh….I made one of those organizers that’s a picture frame with window screen it…but this is much simpler and looks easier to adjust for the number of earrings that you have.

  2. That’s really cute. The problem I have with earring hangers is I wear a lot of studs, and I have all different types. I’ve currently got a piece of ribbon hanging off my organiser I attache them too but I’d love a better solution.

  3. I always feel like these type of things look….awkward or out of place. I’m thinking it would look cute attached to a rectangular piece of wood or something, just to give it some context and to make it feel more anchored.

  4. I made a variation of the picture frame earring holder; I used picture wire and tiny eyelet hooks on the back to create three rows of wire within the frame to suspend the earrings from. I love it!

  5. I use lace too–you can put post earrings on it as readily as hooks and hoops. And for necklaces I hang below that strands of an old bead curtain that I had as a kid, the same color as the lace (deep blue) which holds the necklaces separate between the beads.

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