A hot pink tipi and a suave cat in our reader photos

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Hellllllllo, Offbeat Homies! Let’s get the week going with a look at what’s been going on in the world of our readers, taken from the Offbeat Home Flickr group.

Cat, after a bath. Not happy.

rose hips

tipimelia Veciloraptor is not into sharing her vegetables Butterscotch 2011 Indianola Balloon Classic _4

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Comments on A hot pink tipi and a suave cat in our reader photos

  1. I used to go to a summer camp as a kid and we all slept in teepees. I NEEDS A TEEPEE! That pink hair is rockin’. I’m wondering if I could get away with it at my new job… Hmmm… 🙂

  2. I love this roundup! And not just ’cause my bunny is in it. 😉

    That tipi? Gorgeous. The cat? So swank and adorable at the same time. Velociraptor guarding veggies? Totes awesome. A basket full of rose hips? Me=jealous. And the hot air balloons? Now on my bucket list.

    Dudes, duuudes, we have awesome lives!

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