Greeting a returning Marine — in photos

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In case you haven’t heard, the Offbeat Empire is now part of Two Bright Lights — meaning photographers can send us their stuff that way (if you want). One of the cool things about this service is that I’m getting to see a lot more photography than I might otherwise — and I’m loving it!

This session was shot recently by New Jersey-based Megan Gray Photography. Three members of the Caballero family were getting ready to greet their fourth, who was returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan, at the airport. The father had never met his recently-born-son, and this was his first major deployment away from his three-year-old daughter. As you can imagine, much happiness and tears ensued.

All photos by Megan Gray Photography.

I. Just. Love. Little. Kids.

Again with the magic! This one is a pro in front of a lens.

Absolutely loving it.


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  1. These photos are so precious, thank you for sharing them. I remember my dad returning from the first gulf war, back when you could meet at the airport gate, and wish we had photos like this to capture that reunion. What a great idea to have a photographer there.

  2. what a special moment to be a part of, thank you Caballero daddy for serving, thank you Caballero mama for supporting, thank you Caballero kidlings for being so flippin adorable, thank you Megan Gray for capturing it and Offbeat Mama for sharing it.

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