Monday Montage: save the pink bathrooms!

Updated Oct 12 2015

We hit our 100th photo added to the Offbeat Home Flickr pool today, and I can see that I've found My People.

Alikon shared photos of her new A-frame and its welcome mat -- which just happens to be very similar to mine. It is how everyone says they know they've found MY house.

Lily_nymph's cat cries out, 'Save the pink bathrooms!' I hear you, kitty. We have a pink bath, too.

Elsewhere on Flickr, these pics snagged my attention:

daft Punk is in da house
Schuey posted this Daft Punk-esque set up. Individually, I'd probably hate all these things -- but together they make a fantastic party living room. Used under Creative Commons license.
The Trumbullplex
Thanks to CRUSTINA! I'm now familiar with Trumbullplex, an artistic housing collective and show space in Detroit.

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  1. My boyfriend and some friends just did a show at the Trumbullplex a few weekends ago, and wow, is that venue something. <3 Showing off my Detroit pride!!!

    • Oh yeah? NICE. I have some definite Detroit-obsession. Once a week or so I make a case to my husband for us to move there.

      • I am currently studying in Sweden, but I fully intend to move back after I finish school. I'm so in love with that city, it's almost sickening. It's so sad that so few people are willing to give Detroit a chance. It's gonna take a lot of work, but we CAN bounce back.

  2. The link for the gaming station organization isn't working. 🙁 Or rather, the link is working, but the page isn't available.

  3. My cat would be crying, "Save me from the pink bathroom!" It is still in-the-works to repaint my bathroom as it is still pink which just does not work for me. The art space is fantastic. Must show my dude.

    • My bathroom has pink tile in the bathtub with gross grout beyond repair – but I'm renting so not much I can do. I painted the main wall really bright turquoise to distract from it. 🙂

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