Happy Fourth of July: let’s talk about how cool parades are

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Happy Fourth of July to all the celebrating Americans out there! Today we thought it’d be fun to throw in a special parade-themed round-up filled with photos from families at parades all over the world. If you’re not American, not celebrating, or not into fireworks… maybe you’ll like this!

Oyster-Adams family - DC Gay Pride Parade 2012

Tie-dye baby + Pride parade = Win.

The Krewe of Highland Parade, Shreveport, LA

I like it when superheroes stick together.


I’m not totally sure what this parade decoration is being made for, but I like it.

Family, Tibetan people parade for World Peace with Tibetan Flags, near Verizon Center where Kalachakra is being given by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Washington D.C., USA 2486

Tibetan People for World Peace parade!

Fourth Of July Family

Stars and stripes!

Happy Fourth of July from our families to yours!

Comments on Happy Fourth of July: let’s talk about how cool parades are

  1. I don’t mean to be a Grumpy McGrumpersons, but does anyone else hate parades? Guh. Hot, sun beating down, you can usually hardly see, and when you do it’s not that interesting? My friends keep dragging me to Pride, and while I love the concept I just can’t get into the parade itself.

    Anyway, sorry to kick it off with griping. Happy 4th! Enjoy corn on the cob and fireworks!

    • Where are you located? If you want to celebrate pride but hate parades, there’s probably lots of other stuff going on too…I’m queer and barely ever go to the parade myself….

      That said, we did watch a little bit of the parade this year, on account of having a toddler.

    • Yeah, I’m not much of a fan, either. Hot, loud, crowded, just the wrong environment for our introverted family. We went to parades for a few years when the kids were little, thinking that it’s one of those things that kids just kind of need to see. But they were always a bit miserable. The one big draw was the candy tossing, and we seemed to pick the viewing spots that go very little of the booty. For the last few years, we’ve skipped out. Haven’t missed it one bit!
      Though I do kind of like having the big parade on TV in the background at Thanksgiving.

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